July 12, 2016

Trying my best..

...to go back to blogging soon.

At the moment everything is a bit stressful. But I'll be back soon.

They are still promised Japan pictures for you.

Just have one as excuse...

May 20, 2016


Hello my dears,

finally I have the time to blog again. I have a lot to write about but let's start right before Japan as I celebrated my birthday. Kind off - since I wanted to celebrate it with only a few people. But all my lovely Hamburger came. Also two weeks before I met my cutie Sarah. I spent the day with her in Hanover and we had a great time. Talking about friends.... I need to go to Hamburg soon to meet all the lovely people ;______________________; I really miss them!

 Gosh, look at this cutie!!!

Now onto my birthday. We had lots of fun as we played games and ate lots of food!

 These cuties!!

 Werner was such a cute tiger!

We also took lots of polaroids! I will post more soon!

Have a nice weekend!

March 26, 2016

Last Weekend

Hello everyone,

I'm back again with an update! Last weekend was really gorgeous since Nina came to visit me for a concert. On friday we had some wine and talked a lot and on saturday we spent some time with Jessi, watching Sailor Moon and Wolf of Wallstreet and... later the concert. I enjoyed it so much and my whole neck felt terrible the next day (laughs) I was also so done the whole week and I'm happy that I have a weekend now - I worked until today. And you know what? Today Hibi is coming to our home and I'm also looking forward to it! *_*

 Jessi and me
 The cute Pikachu I've bought at Gamestop...
 Nina and me!

 Völkerball is a Rammstein cover band. They played Pussy. It was awesome!

 Front row as you can see. It was so great!

René, Nina and me. He is the vocal of the band and we had to laugh a lot.

March 12, 2016

Back to blogging?

Hello everyone,

seems like I'm back to blogging somehow. At least I hope so. Since I'm working I enjoy my freetime with other things... but I really do miss blogging and everything so I hope I will change my behaviour.

Some exciting news are that I am going to Japan like really soon! I still can not believe it.

Next week Nina is going to visit me for a concert and they are happening a lot of good things soon!

So stay tuned, my dears.

January 3, 2016

Christmas and New Years Eve (long and picture heavy)

Hello everyone,
it is 2016 now and I can not even believe it. Time runs by so fast. It feels like it was 2015 New Years Eve yesterday but it wasn't. So many things happend. So many things changed. But I am happy with it.

Christmas this year was great. We had great food, I've got to spend quality time with my family and got awesome presents (laughs) but also the gifts I made were a success! I'm so happy about it. Eventhough it does not felt like christmas because it was really warm outside, I tried my best while watching christmas movies and listening to chrismtas songs. It got me into christmas mood too!

No we did not have a tree. But anyway. It looked beautiful... I think.

 Got this lovely card of Jana and the cute presents from Teru... thank you!!!

 Presents from my boyfriend.
 From my father and his girlfriend... he knows me well.
 Got tons of Lush things from my grandma!!

And also awesome food - for me with seitan which was really good!!

On New Years Eve I went to Hamburg again because I wanted to celebrate it with my best friends. Unfortunately Basti needed to work but he spend his evening with a good friend of us which made it easy for me to leave for Hamburg. The day and evening were just perfect. Food, friends, dogs, long lasting talks, pictures, music.... I really enjoyed it. Thank you Nina and Marie for making this party possible. 

 Nici, Sarah and me!
 It is always selfie time... isn't it?

Thank you again for the night and the day. I had a great time. I hope all of you too, my readers? How was your Christmas and New Years Eve? I know, I am late... haha.

December 21, 2015

December feels like spring.

Good evening my dear readers,

seems like I lost some ;___; I'm very sad about it but still... I can understand it since my blogging skills are really boring at the moment and the time to blog is like not there somehow. After all... December right now feels like spring. They are blooming flowers, no snow, no cold... I don't know. I want winter. I love snow. Seems like not everyone likes snow but I'm the person who prefers snow over heat. Eventhough I like summer too!!!

By the way: December was a good month. I even don't know where to start right now.... mh.... my good friend Carina came to visit me in my hometown which really made me happy *_* we enjoyed our time by playing games, eating sushi and watching "Until Dawn" by Gronkh. It was really awesome. I really enjoyed my time. On the 15th of December Jessy and me went to ONE OK ROCK in Hamburg. It was really awesome and we were in the second row. I want another concert right now... this year were not as much as last year but well.

As you know from my previous posts I was really worried about my grades. You know what? Fuck off. I have really good grades in all exams. It is nearly over. Just the oral exam is left and I can do that too (I hope...)

 Finally we have new pictures together! ^_^
 This could be so cute if only Arya would be quiet. But no... she wanted to smell on my wig, haha.

 I also met Vivi and Sandra while eating sushi. 

 We made burgers with friends... my veggie burger was really good!

 My look for the concert in Hamburg. I had the time to doll myself up again and it was great. Really.

And now... I wish you merry christmas! Have a great time, enjoy the time with family or friends...or just enjoy your freetime!

December 7, 2015

What I did - November Edition

Good morning boys and girls,

just an entry to show you that I am alive again after all my exams. I'm still not finished since I need to attend my oral exam in January but the rest is done. Will get my grades in December. Which means: I need to wait and I hate it. Anyway... here is my list of things which I done in November:

  • went to Hamburg to meet up with my cuties Sarah, Nina and Marie
  • went christmas shopping
  • got my wisdom teeth out (which hurts like hell right now. It just happend yesterday.)
  • met up with my cutiepie Nici
  • wrote my exams
Thats it. I have just a few selfies with my friends and some of me with my new wig.

 You know what? I love them! :3

 I really miss my grey hair which I had years ago. But this wig is a good solution.

Have a nice day! You will hear from me soon again!